About Jennifer

Jennifer Caithcart owner of Massage Theory is a Register Massage Therapist with M.T.A.S graduating in 2001 from the McKay School Of Massage And Hydrotherapy in Saskatoon. She is able to direct bill most private insurance companies, RCMP and DVA. Her style includes therapeutic, sports massage and deep treatment. Jen mainly practices therapeutic treatments for chronic maintenance of activities of daily living, prenatal postnatal massage, and athletic injuries to name a few. Jen brings an extensive knowledge of the body and its dysfunctions to a wide variety of treatments, skills as well up at wide variety of clientele, from two years old to 95 year olds, even Grey Cup champions.

Jen specializes in providing customized therapeutic massage care for:

  • Patients supplementing medical treatments with stress relief.
  • People working in front of a computer and want to get regular neck, shoulder and back relief.
  • Professionals desiring a mind-body approach to peak performance and success.
  • Youth and adults in sporting activities, where the need is to assist with recovery and maintenance.
  • Prenatal and Postnatal massage.
  • IASTM Myofacial (Instument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) – An instrument is used to helps break down and release soft tissue facial adhesions. This technique allows for deep specific treatment of problem areas. Mechanical stimulation along with increased local blood flow help promote optimal healing and function. If you are not reaching maximum benefit with your current massage treatment, this technique may help you achieve better results.

Each appointment begins with a quick review to map a plan for your successful session outcome.

Jen specializes in 30 and 45 minute treatments, where I customize to each individual needs. She will primarily focus of 2 – 3 specific areas affecting the overall complete and desire outcome. Pressure and technique is dependent on my client’s needs and goals.

Jen does not accept SGI or WCB claims. 


About Stamatina

Stamatina Kyriakakis is a Registered Massage Therapist, recently graduating from Western College of Remedial Massage, and is also a member of MTAS. Although her styles vary from relaxation, therapeutic and sports massage, she prefers to focus on the therapeutic aspect. Stam enjoys aiding people in returning them to their daily functional living and helping them recover from past/further injuries. She is excited to begin her passion through massage therapy.

Stamatina does not accept SGI or WCB claims. 

Taking care of your body should not be an extravagance. It can be a normal and affordable part of your wellness plan.



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